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Zoe, your Babyprints Southampton life casts Specialist

Babyprints specialise in providing a hand and foot casting service for babies, children and even adults.  Unlike hand and foot casting kits, we do all the work for you – with guaranteed quality results every time.

From framed casts, to baby hand prints and foot prints embossed into beautiful solid silver jewellery; and even stand-alone hand and foot metal cast statues – we have something to suit every occasion and budget.

Our Babyprints frames are handmade in solid wood, and are of superior quality. We have numerous options for mounts and finish combinations, so each Babyprint product is bespoke and unique, tailored to be in keeping with your own style and taste, and therefore making the perfect keepsake or gift for proud new parents and grandparents alike.

Making an appointment:

All castings are on an appointment only basis and my regular hours of business are from Tuesday to Friday between 11am and 4pm.

Please call or email me during these times if you wish to make an appointment, where I would be delighted to discuss anything further with you should you require any more information.

Why come to me at Babyprints?

  • I am a highly trained 3D casting specialist, having honed my skills under the exceptionally experienced and watchful eyes of Donna Richardson, head trainer of the Babyprints franchise network.
  • Babyprints Southampton offers a very friendly and flexible service, specialising in 3D casting and solid silver jewellery.
  • Our independent businesses are also part of a long established parent company, being the brand leader for 20 years, so we can maintain a consistency in both the quality of our work and our frames, not only now but for the future.

Our franchises have been casting little hands and feet for many years and our highly satisfied clients have returned time and time again with babies and siblings alike for beautiful keepsakes to adorn their walls. We have enjoyed seeing whole families grow over the years and have been kept busy charting their progress.

Taking the casts:

The 3D casting is a simple process and involves gently immersing each hand or foot into a lukewarm syrupy material, the consistency of thick custard, which sets within 10-15 seconds to form a rubbery mould from which the hand or the foot is easily removed.We use a high quality, hypoallergenic moulding powder that gives a fine cast and an excellent result, which allows us to capture all those precious minute details that you will treasure forever.Your personal casting appointment will usually take between 45-60 minutes; this includes a short consultation, time to take the casts, and to choose your frame and finish.All our frames are handmade to order for each of your chosen cast combinations, and the finished framed piece is usually ready for collection within 4-6 weeks.

You can view some beautiful Babyprints products on the Babyprints website by clicking on the following links:

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Babyprints Southampton charcoal silver and white combination

Babyprints Southampton baby feet love frame in white and charcoal colour combination

Babyprints Southampton life casts

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  • babyprints-by-zoe-hampshire-3d-baby-hand-casting
  • babyprints-by-zoe-family-hand-clasp-3d-casting-e1538909754697
  • babyprints-by-zoe-display-hampshire-3d-casting-and-silver-jewellery