Babyprints offer a huge choice of presentation styling with colour coded combinations, the choice can be overwhelming.

Each hand and foot print is different and so is the way in which you can have them displayed.

Many customers like to match mounts and frames to the cast colour while others have a specific coding in mind that can match home or office interiors.

whether you want a neutral look which has a minimal and modern feel or a wild and wacky appearance that can match artworks and stylised interiors, we have options to suit all.

For ideas, you can view at your Babyprints appointment, download a showcase brochure and browse through the thousands of photos published on the Babyprints website.

You may even have an idea in mind which involves colours, poster and wallpaper that you own, why not share this with us and we can bespoke a presentation especially for you.

Babyprints prides itself on close attention to detail that picks out all the tiny features that are so unique to your baby, let the presentation frame compliment the casts to your specific requirements.

Dont settle for less! find your nearest Babyprints and contact for details.

Colour coded combinations –