Every foot is different – they say their is no one person alike, Babyprints can confirm this, we have never cast 2 feet the same over the past two decades.

In the picture you can see Joshua James at 2 weeks old as stated in a custom stylish text window centrally at the bottom.

The sunning detail can be seen within the unique shape of each foot.

Not all babies have this strong detail, if fact a lot of babies have minimal detail but that is what makes each child so unique.

This finished artwork presents 2 silver coloured foot casts on an antique white colour back board, mounted with Bluebell and silver lining mount in a Limed white frame.

A huge choice of coloured mounts and frame combinations come as standard.

It’s never too late to have a babyprints taken, the exceptional quality casting produced in the photo was by Babyprints Hatfield

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