Babyprints North Mymms in South Hertfordshire produces outstanding family hands and feet statues framed.

In the photo you can see a variation of the Nurture frame, often the nurture frame presents a parents hands or one hand of each parent with the childs feet, hands or one of each.

In the photo you can see one parent and two children’s feet casts. This makes the nurture frame a bit bigger and truly stunning.

the colours used complement the bronze coloured casts, great for modern interiors.

There are unlimited options in colour mount and frame combinations, we can also custom the presentation size to fit multiple siblings and whole families, many ideas can be seen throughout this website.

Statue casting services are not just for babies – contact Babyprints North Mymms on 01707 693118 to find out more information and to book an appointment.

Below are a few links to finished works and bespoke presentation ideas.

Baby hands and feet casts combination framed
Bespoke commission works
Frame choices
Nurture frame with mounts
Nurture frame with a spacer presentation

family hands and feet statues framed  –