Babyprints North Mymms produce quality hand and foot prints in solid silver charms, keyrings, dog tags and cufflinks.

Prints for jewellery can be taken by appointment or independantly sent to Rebecca.

Work is then carried out to ensure each print is replicated with all its individual detail.

Your treasured jewellery can then be attached to Links and pandora style jewellery using custom attachments available.

From prints received, jewellery work is normally produced within 5 working days, this makes the Babyprints jewellery a late gift possibilty.

If you would like more information on the Babyprints North Mymms services, contact Rebecca below

Tel : 01707 693118
Mob : 07742 948595
[email protected]

You can also browse through the Babyprints North Mymms webpage

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Foot prints in solid silver – Rebecca Wheatley