Having your first child’s imprints made creates a memorable framed keepsake, the frame is designed to fit the one hand and foot sized casts, why would you need more space?!.

You never know what is around the corner and in this instance 2 sisters and a brother arrived.

Each sibling hand and foot print was taken at 7 weeks.

From top to bottom is: Baylei, Demi, Jared and Kadie.

The inner mount represent the girls and Boy, Baby pink for Baylei, Demi and Kadie with baby Blue for Jared.

The frame had to be altered 3 times to include each additional sibling.

Babyprints frames can be made to any size so if altering is needed, it can be achieved.

This lovely presentation of the Four sibling hand and foot imprints at same age was produced by Babyprints Stansted.

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Classic Baby hands and feet presentation frames
Rococo style Swept Frame presentations
Family hand print and foot print presentation frames

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Four sibling hand and foot imprints at same age – babyprints.co.uk