Why not produce a fun memorable presentation for fathers day using life size quality hand and foot casts, photos and a specific Daddy bodysuit, t-shirts or jumper.

Baby keepsake frames can include all sorts and using a specific Daddy item of clothing makes the presentation that extra special for Fathers Day.

It is also a great way to view and protect the very first items your baby was using and wearing.

The Jumper seen in the photo says “Daddy & Me Drive Mummy round the Bend” 🙂 

The inscrption set in the text window at the bottom centre simply says “Happy Fathers Day 2016”
You can include captions of your choice, often the baby’s name and age are used.

Don’t give or throw away those fun items of clothing when baby gets too big, use them in a presentation for life!.

Babies grow up so quick and fathers day is just around the corner, find that item of clothing and contact your nearest Babyprints by selecting your area on the map.

Ask your nearest babyprints what the Fun fathers day presents can include, you may have an idea of your own for another occaision.

View other casts and combination ideas

Fun fathers day presents – babyprints.co.uk