Babyprints in Tyne and Wear near Newcastle produced the stunning hand and foot print detail in this solid silver jewellery charm you can see in the bottom photo.

Both prints reveal the exact detail and curvature of each print taken.

An example of cufflink detail is also displayed in the top photo.

Flat prints can be used from any source to replicate into solid silver, the detail will depend on how the prints are taken.

If you would like a unique solid silver jewellery piece with a lot of detail it is always best to have a Babyprints representative take the print, then ask for a proof before production.

Babyprints also provide sterling silver attachments and various chain solutions.

The Clasp attachment is in sterling silver for strength and can be used to attach to the Love Links bracelets or similar.

If you want to contact the Tyne and Wear Babyprints about this service, visit the Tyne and Wear Babyprints webpage for details.

If you would like to know more details from Head Office please call o1279 656525 or email us at [email protected]

You can also find your nearest Babyprints by selecting your location on the UK map.

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Hand and foot prints into solid silver –