Babyprints are a diverse company offering an endless variety of framing solutions.

Babyprints in Cantley, Near Doncaster specialise in providing a handprint and footprint casting service for babies, children and even adults.

In the photo you can see a custom designed presentation which spells ‘Love’ and uses baby feet cast for the ‘V’, the ‘Love baby feet casts’

Framed beautifully in solid oak and using colour coded mount combinations of Antique White, stone and bronze lettering and casts, this is a real unique art piece on the wall.

Babyprints by Linda has an excellent reputation, if you have a different idea for a personalised keepsake gift you can contact Linda for a fast and friendly service using the details below.

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by appointment only: –
Tel : 07891 686913
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Love baby feet casts – Babyprints Doncaster|