Babyprints do not just cast babies hands and feet, we provide a service for any age.

These Siblings hands framed are from children aged 8 and 6, the detail is truly stunning.

Catching hand features of babies and children is a great way to freeze a moment in time when they were small.

Combination frames containing siblings with a photo are also available.

Babyprints produce thousands of sibling combination frames which involve hands and feet casting for all ages.

Brothers, sisters, cousins and family casts are being presented in a variety of ways, there are so many styling options and each combination is unique.

This Photo shows two frame presentations combining the hands of both children in each frame.

Notice the ‘Text Captions’ in each presentation, they provide subtle information such as names and ages for each cast.

These presentations was produced for a customer by Babyprints Cheshire.

You can Browse through the website and see thousands of client works, variations, samples and testimonials, you may see a design that is perfect for your children.

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