Babyprints jewellery is very popular for birthdays and christenings. Each item ordered comes with a personal certificate of authenticity designed to fit into the Babyprints jewellery gift box.

Prints for jewellery can be taken by appointment or independantly and sent to us, work is then carried out to ensure each print is replicated with all its unique curves and creases.

Remember that no 2 prints are the same.

You can see in the photo how the print on the certificate has matched the silver baby foot print.

All charm shapes and sizes can be attached to Links and Pandora style jewellery using custom attachments available.

Once the order is taken, jewellery completion is normally within 5 working days, this makes the Babyprints jewellery a great late gift with a personal touch.

Babyprints North Mymms has supplied this lovely photo.

contact your nearest Babyprints to find out more.

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Silver baby foot print –