Babyprints Hover Mount styling

Customise your keepsake with a Hover mount

The Babyprints Hover Mount styling creates 3D depth between the inner and outermount, a very nice subtle effect giving a soft shadow between the mounts.

With Babyprints Hover Mount styling techniques you can choose your colour top and bottom mount. Each colour can create a different highlight and shadow effect, you may want to match interior décor within a dedicated room or simply match the frame, styling and cast colour.

What ever your choice, babyprints have a hover mount combination to suit every style.

You can select and make a choice from samples at your Babyprints Appointment.

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You can also enhance you keepsake even further with the wide range of presentation styles to compliment the spacer frame:

Select for Double & Single Mounts
Select for Framing choices 
Select for Text Windows
Select for LED presentations
Select for Custom designs

You can be creative and colourful with Babyprints hover mounts by mix and matching the huge choice of coloured mounts.
Same colour top and bottom mounts create a subtle shadow effects, the lighter colour inner mounts produce a darker version of that colour within the shadow which is often preferred.

You can see various hover mount effects with colours in the image gallery.

A 3D mould takes approximately 2 minutes for each hand and foot and is entirely safe, your baby/child will have their hands or feet dipped into a warm mixture which then becomes firm (but flexible), after a minute or two the hand/foot can easily slide out – which incidentally comes out clean.

The mixture is a natural product, made from seaweed, and is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Babyprints have taken solid 3D casts of babies from just days old and there is no age limit, grandparents are very keen to have their hands casts with their precious grandchild.

For impressions, we use a very soft terracotta clay, It is pain free and takes literally seconds to do. We recommend casting from 3-4 weeks old for impressions.

Babyprints usually allocate half an hour for appointments, but sometimes for multiple orders we need a longer appointment.

Once we’ve taken the cast or impression, the completed order is ready in approximately 3-5 weeks.

If casts are required urgently, it may be possible to arrange for them to ‘fast tracked’ but additional charges may apply.

It’s all in the finishing

The magic is in the finishing, Babyprints are expertly trained and finish all products to the highest standards.

From the mould and intricate detail of each hand and foot cast to the top quality styling and frame choices, When looked after, your final unique keepsake will stand the test of time.

If you would like a framed presentation product, you can choose from a huge range of colour combinations. Mounts, frames and styling techniques can be seen and selected at appointments, this allows you to customise your end product the way you want it.

You can take a look at the Babyprints presentation styles by clicking below and selecting from the various options.

Alternatively you can browse through the many photos on the babyprints website and find a framed presentation you like, print it and show at your Babyprints appointment. You can also get ideas by downloading the Babyprints brochure below.

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