Babyprints Tunbridge Wells produce stunning baby hand and foot cast detail for wall framed displays and stand alone statues.

Every baby is different and so is every detail, in the picture you can see strong detail from a tiny tot, the contours and grooves will never be the same anywhere else.

You can be certain that the Babyprints process will capture all the detail unique to your child.

You can see many product variations throughout this website, below are a few links to finished works and bespoke presentation ideas.

Babyprints Tunbridge Wells has many sample products and testimonials, have a look..

Kay Smith, a customer in January says…
I had my daughter’s hands and feet cast with Christine. We love the finished product- the detail is amazing, the frame and the way it is set is stunning- we absolutely would recommend everyone capture a special moment in time this way with something to treasure forever.

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