Babyprints produce quality prints and drawings on jewellery, we work with Solid silver charms, cufflinks, keyrings and dog tags.

Birthdays, Christenings and anniversaries are those special times to give a jewellery gift that would stand out.

The drawing in the photo was by Neve aged 4.

As your toddle grows the once erratic pen to paper artwork slowly evolves into stick people, most probably their interpretation of you :).

These are easily stored away, never to see the light again or at least for a decade or so. small piece of silverware capturing the first masterpieces is a lovely idea.

How simple is it to have Children’s drawings etched on jewellery for yourself? you can simply email drawings across to your nearest Babyprints and let the jewellery do the magic.

A Babyprints representative will contact you for order details and payment and you will receive your jewellery gift wrapped and ready with Certificate of Authenticity, normally within 2 weeks.

Babyprints prides itself on quality prints and work intricately to bring out as much print detail as possible.

The shaped charm piece in the photo was produced for a customer by Babyprints Cantley.

To find out more information on our solid silver jewellery print service contact us on 08432 162161 or send an email to [email protected]

contact your nearest Babyprints to find out more.

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