Back on the 12 January we posted a picture and article of the natural finished Mum and Daughter Hands Statue casts, you can go back and view this post.

In this collection of photos you can see the finished statue, varnished in beautiful metallic bronze with the ring on mums finger highlighted in silver.

Christine from Babyprints Tunbridge Wells says: Just finished this statue which is a surprise birthday present, a beautiful clasping hand statue from his wife of her with their 6 month old daughter – it looks stunning. Casting is suitable from newborn – check my page Babyprints Tunbridge Wells for more info

Babyprints is all about the quality of casting, whether its a baby hand and foot or adults hands and feet, the individual detail will be brought out in the final product.

Babyprints Tunbridge Wells provide a quality hand casting service in the South East with the option to display them either stand alone or within many framing styles and colour combination.

When attending an appointment, you can ask to see the Babyprints range of frames including the Classic, Oak wood and Rococo Swept frame styles.

Notice the quality of casting and finishing in the photo, high attention to detail ensures you receive a product you will treasure for life.

If you would like to view more product samples try the links below and browse through the thousands of photos on this website….

Classic Baby hands and feet presentation frames
Rococo style Swept Frame presentations
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Bespoke and commissioned works

you can also download the Babyprints Product Brochure showing samples of our classic ranges.

Find your nearest Babyprints and book an appointment or call 08432 162161 for more details.

Mum and Daughter Hands Statue –