Babyprints jewellery combines the quality of babyprints detail and casting with solid silver charms, keyrings, dogtags and cufflinks.

All the detail that comes out in any individual print will be replicated in the silver.

In the photo you can see a lot of line detail within the foot shape, these are the curvatures and lines captured by the carbon print.

Personalised jewellery make great gifts for all occasions, each is handmade so that no two pieces of jewellery are ever the same.

If you would like to have a personalised item of jewellery for a Birthday, anniversary or Christmas why not contact your nearest babyprints and see how they can help you.

You can always visit the uk map and select your nearest location.

This wonderfully detailed foot print you can see in the photo was taken by Babyprints Leicester.

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Pure silver foot impression on jewellery –