Make your presents extra special with thoughtful gifts from Babyprints

In the photo you can see pearl coloured hand and foot casts with a stylised ‘C’ set in a classic Oak frame with Charcoal colouring

This was personalised for a customer who used the ‘C’ to represent the childs name.

Each babyprints design is different and can be customised by you.

The presentation in the photo was produced by Babyprints Sheffield who specialises in casting design.

This is just one of the many thousands of colour combinations ideas that are available with the Babyprints Styling.

To find out more details find your nearest Babyprints.

If you would like to view more product samples try the links below and browse through the thousands of photos on this website….

Classic Baby hands and feet presentation frames
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Bespoke and commissioned works

you can also download the Babyprints Product Brochure showing samples of our classic ranges.

A 3D mould takes approximately 2 minutes for each hand and foot and is entirely safe, your baby/child will have their hands or feet dipped into a warm mixture which then becomes firm (but flexible), after a minute or two the hand/foot can easily slide out – which incidentally comes out clean.

Thoughtful gifts from Babyprints –